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Pomeriggio Elegante - Elegant Afternoon (Video Preview)Hello my fellow followers, here a little preview of the next post.
Stay tuned!

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Camo Cravat Club

Camo Cravat Club 19

Hello my fellow followers,

This time I’d love to show you an urban outfit with a twist.

This is a great linen suit, a very classy double breasted.
To make it more personal, a little bit more dandy if you like, I wear it with braces (remember: if you wear…

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Quashqai and a secret garden in Milan

Blue DB16

Hello my fellow followers,

Summer is almost here so this time I give you a very fresh look.

Cotton double breasted suit and of course loads of dapper details.

As usual I don’t want to do the spoilers and tell you what to look but… Just this one because…

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